Sunday, October 11, 2009

Buckling in Empty Nest Syndrome

So it was February 11th, 2009, my youngest son left home. Boo hoo or yayyyyyyyy! Well mostly boo hoo, a lot. And then it hit me - this is empty nest syndrome. I've got to to do something or go crazy. So I did. I got back into doing the things I love. Healthy things.

Well I really should take you back to about 26 years ago when I first married Barry. He has this really great mom. She passed away some years back but she left a legacy of a great family. Anyway I remember she was into Aloe Vera. It was an MLM company and she knew all about it and herbs. She taught me so much.

Well I used herbs a lot while raising my own family and at one time I even went to Massage Therapy School and got licensed. I really loved all the other stuff besides the massaging part like, herbology, aromatherapy, and energy work. So I've gotten back into it more extensively. Taking classes and learning so much more. I'm working on my certification to be a Holistic Health Coach. I just finished my second round of classes and am so excited about the things I learned.

Something I learned I'd like to share with all of you. It's about prayer. So what does prayer have to do with what I've been talking about. A lot!!!!!! And this might not make much sense in the whole scheme of this post but I want you to just remember this one thing.

Sometimes we pray over and over again for the same things. Its like please, please, please! Do we not think He heard it the first time? "Ask and ye shall receive." So how about after asking once then just remember to be grateful. Thank Him for that blessing. Maybe you haven't actually received it yet but I'm sure He's working on it. It's kind of like the law of attraction, the law of the harvest, we reap what we sow. Be grateful in all things.

Ok so let's say I pray and ask my Father to strengthen and help my son to get back out on his mission. I've asked him so many times. Now my prayers are thanking my Father for strengthening my son, for sending him the things he needs, for blessing me as his mother to love him and be there for him, thanking him for a family that loves him and supports him.

Whatever my son decides to do it is his choice, his journey. But I live my life in an attitude of gratitude. Today I feel buckled in!


  1. Great perspective mom. It makes me feel like I have more control in my life than I realize!!

  2. I'm so excited to see that you have a blog. You sound waaaay smarter and refined than me...I just seem to show pictures and tell you where I've been and where I'm going...literally. Not really sharing what I'm thinking so much. I should be more interesting like you! You have inspired me to do much more and you're always learning something too. I need to get busy...I'm almost an empty nester, but thank goodness for Crew. Thank you for being such a great friend for 43 years! Love you!

  3. Love the post, Kel. Thank you for sharing your journey with us so we can all learn. I sure love you.