Friday, December 18, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Ahhhhh! Christmas! Well for the first time in a long time that I can remember (that's not saying much) but anyway it's been a great season. I just haven't felt as stressed. So here it is 8 days before Christmas I'm done (well almost-will explain in a bit) and I'm feeling good. I've even really felt the true spirit of Christmas. So buckled up I am! Let me give you a few ideas on what I did and maybe it will help you or maybe I'll re read this next year and it will help me out.

Well first of all it was our year to have all the kids for Thanksgiving so even though I would love to have them again for Christmas it is a little less planning, grocery shopping and Christmas shopping. Writing checks is great - so great I might do it every year even when we have the kids home for Christmas. :)

Another thing I've done is I've only listened to Christmas music. All kinds of Christmas music. It's been great! Andrea Bocelli has been my favorite this year.

The best book I've read is Charles Dickens, The life of our Lord. What a wonderful book and it made my heart swell. Really I felt it swell, get bigger. It touched me in a way that is hard to explain. It's short too! Only about an hour of reading. Read it. It's great.

I also only put up about half the decorations and the house still looks great. I added a few new little touches to the tree, just because it's always fun to add a little new.

I've had time to make a trip to Rexburg and see my kids before they head off to Canada for Christmas. And spending the time with my husband on the drive up was great. His phone did not ring once.

I'll get to see another set of kids when I get home and another set sometime between Christmas and New Years and maybe most of them during that time as well.

So back to the almost part. We haven't quite finished our shopping for our boys because my hubby wanted to help with that. So tomorrow the last Saturday before Christmas we'll head out and get that done and I'm determined to not let that stress me out. The man will be doing the driving. We'll see how he does. :) Oh alright he'll do just fine. So, so far still buckled.

Merry Christmas Everyone! Love you!


  1. Merry Christmas Aunt Kelli... sounds like it should be a relaxing Christmas. hope you have a great one.. love you lady.

  2. Kelli, I love this post! Thank you for the great ideas. So glad you are enjoying the season. Merry Christmas, friend!